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Let's birth the longings together

Support, nurture, celebrate, repeat.

Who are we?

We are:

  • Empowerment facilitators, designers and implementers of women's support networks, serving domestically and internationally.  

  • Dedicated professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience in professional life coaching, corporate training, education, and healthcare. 

  • Graduates of "Tapping the Power Within" and "Empowerment" programs facilitated by Iyanla Vanzant.  

  • We are sisters of choice living purposefully to mentor and guide women to live their best lives!

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Who are we?

How do we do it?

We follow a time honored approach to community building and transformation—we make sisterhoods. 


We connect women across racial-age-economic lines to focus on ongoing sisterhood.


Our personal experience has shown that connection with sister groups can heal, renew and transform lives, careers, and relationships.


Our guided workshops help individuals to bring out one's supportive, encouraging and nurturing qualities to both share and nourish each of the group participants toward positive change.


Facilitating empowering women's networks is in our DNA.


It's in everything we do.


It's also what we share.

Want to further understand the individual and collective power of women in sisterhood as a catalyst for transformation? We can show you how!

How do we do it?

What do we offer?

We offer creative events for women to gather in a safe space to learn, be heard, supported, nurtured and celebrated

We offer virtual monthly support gatherings of like-minded women, learning and growing individually and collectively.

We offer a highly engaging, participatory and fun environment to impart practical and empowering tools for personal development.  


We offer unique workshops, retreats, and customized events virtually or on-site to individuals, groups, and organizations. 

We offer experiences to transform your work life and your personal life.


Soulas offers financial scholarship opportunities to our customized programs to non-profit organizations focused on empowerment of women. 


Each event is tailored to the audience and can range from a 2-hour event to a full day retreat (8 hours), and weekend retreats.


Topics you can expect to experience include: 

Stress Relievers:
Resilience, Self-care, Inner Peace 

Facing the Unknown with Confidence

How to Thrive in the "New Normal"

The Power of NO! Setting Boundaries!

Nurturing Your Inner Child

Claiming the Life of Your Longings

Celebrating You Now and You Becoming More

Sisterhood as a Catalyst for Transformation

We believe personal growth happens when women can gather in a safe space to learn, be heard, supported, nurtured and celebrated. 

What do we offer?

Who are our founders?

Deborah Randolph Price

Co-Founder and Empowerment Facilitator

 For as long as I can remember, I wanted an older sister, someone to encourage me to be a courageous and confident girl.  Even though I grew up as an only child, life’s experiences have brought women into my life with whom I have created sisterly bonds.


 One of my most gratifying life experiences was being a member of a spiritual support group.  For 20 years, this group of powerful, positive women inspired and supported each other through life’s events-- birthdays, weddings, births, graduations, divorces, deaths.  We rose above each situation and soared with confidence.  This connection taught me the power of sisterhood as a source of self-awareness, strength, courage, and confidence.   


 Years ago, I found my calling in teaching. What began as hands-on classroom teaching, and later management, facilitation, and presentation of educational opportunities here in the U.S., opened doors to positions overseas. My professional journey has lead me through roles in leadership training, executive coaching, instructional design, consulting, and team facilitation at academic, corporate, educational and social services environments.


 Today, my role as teacher has evolved to include  those of mentor and trusted advisor. I strive to encourage others to realize their unlimited potential.  In December 2016, my sister-of-choice Michaele White-Risbrook and I created Soulas.  It is a movement offering opportunities to unleash and awaken the greatness in others.  I am “sister-ready” to inspire, empower, and serve as a conduit for personal and professional transformation! 

Education degree, (B.S)- University of Connecticut

Special Education, (M.A.)-Columbia University  

Organization Development, (M.A.)-Fordham University 

Professional Coaching certification (pending)-Coaching for Transformation program    

Michaele P. White-Risbrook

Co-Founder and Empowerment Facilitator

  Life coaching is a natural outgrowth of my passion, commitment and advocacy for others in my many years of work in designing and implementing empowerment, risk reduction and mentor programs, as well as rites of passage programs and ceremonies to celebrate life transitions. 


 My coaching philosophy is to help clients to discover and live their purpose. I will challenge clients to be more of who they were created to be, so they can reach higher levels of fulfillment in their lives.  My strong spiritual faith has transformed my life and plays a powerful role in my approach to coaching.  I create a safe, consistent, confidential and transformative space. I see every person as whole, powerful, resourceful, and naturally creative, and as capable of revealing their own answers. 

 I am blessed to continue to serve in ways that are in sync with my passions and purpose. My life affirming experiences while teaching in Zambia taught me the importance of ancestral wisdom, the power of community and the celebration of life transitions. My ‘teaching’ experience resulted in my spirit being fed in ways I had not imagined. 


 In 2016, I co-founded Soulas, in partnership with my sister-of-choice, Deborah Randolph Price.  Our more than 20 years together as part of a spiritual support sister circle, has taught us the invaluable gifts of true sisterhood.  Soulas, is the medium that has allowed me to share the power, the wisdom and the inspiration of our ancestors, as well as my own life lessons of overcoming challenges and rising higher. I remain committed to sharing the vital lessons of self-love, self-care, sisterhood, and claiming and birthing dreams. 

Registered Nurse, (RN,C) and B.S. Community Health Education-Brooklyn College.

Family Nurse Practitioner, (F.N.P.)- certification New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center

MPH-Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.

Certified Professional Coach-Coaching for Transformation program

Consultant with expertise in youth development, and adolescent and women’s health issues to local, state, national and international organizations

Who are our founders?
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