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Become who you were meant to be.
We'll help.

When nothing holds you back, you live in fearless joy.

We are creators of community, fostering empowering relationships by using the power of "sisterhood" as a catalyst for transformation for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Together we are a movement.  


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We created Soulas to challenge you to be more of who you were meant to be, to reach higher levels of fulfillment in your life, and to access the powerful, resourceful individual within you.


We support you as you discover, claim and give birth to the longings of your soul. We are here to celebrate you in your personal and professional transformation. 


We are Soulas, doulas of the soul.


*Soulas:  Pronounced "soo-las" is created from the word 'doula' (meaning birth coach). 

About us

Virtual and On-site

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Workshops, retreats and customized events

  • We offer workshops, retreats, and customized events to individuals, groups, and organizations.

  • Our approach utilizes the group dynamic as a catalyst for personal transformation.

  • Each workshop is tailored to the audience and can range from a 2-hour event to a full day retreat (8 hours) or a full weekend.

Individualized personal development coaching

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  • Supports you in navigating your life’s next chapter and envisioning unlimited possibilities

  • Empowers you to dare to reimagine YOU and become who you were meant to be!

  • Helps you to clarify your purpose using your gifts and talents.



Rites of Passage

  • A rite of passage is a declaration in which we honor our past, claim our present, and visualize our future in the presence of our loved ones who witness and support our journey. 

  • We help you give voice to your growth in wisdom, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance witnessed by your support circle. 

  • We co-create this with you, so that each individually designed ceremony becomes a celebration of you.


Whether you want to learn more about our events, Rites of Passage celebrations,  individual personal development coaching, creating a sister circle, booking us for your events, or simply sharing thoughts, we'd love to hear from you..

What's going on?

Upcoming Events

Invest in yourself. Become a Soulas Member

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T.U.G. (Turn Up your G.L.O.W.) 

Tuesdays- Every 3rd Tuesday 8-9 p.m. Eastern via Zoom.

A monthly gathering of likeminded women, in a safe sacred space, to gain tips on maintaining a positive and empowered outlook on life. ​

Click here to learn more.

Soulas Virtual Voyage to Paradise 

Ready for a mini-virtual tropical voyage to release-relax-recharge ?  Join the twice a year experience. Customized offerings also available on site.

Click here to learn more.

Join Us for the upcoming-Soulas Virtual High T.E.A. (a mini-retreat) 

Ready to celebrate You in your finery and claim the longings of your soul? Your seat awaits you at this twice a year experience. Customized offerings also available on site.

Click here to learn more.

Watch out for other special events throughout the year!


Soulas appeared on the “Emotional Roadmap…” radio program on WPKN-FM.  

Click here to watch.

Soulas contributed the article “Sisterhood is a Funny Thing” in a blog appearing in the Beth Gibbs newsletter. 

Click here to learn more.

Soulas Sisterhood Network member addresses meeting mental health needs in the community. 

Click here to learn more.

Let's take a Peek

Celebrating Sisterhood - Member commentary and memories.

Take a look here.

Custom Services and Events
We are on Eventbrite!

When we set up our events,

we schedule them through Eventbrite. 


This is where you can view and register for current offerings.

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“…having my first encounter with Soulas has given me that "Ah-Ha" to understand that it's not just about being "friendly.  It's about tapping into a true self…”.

JC, Social Worker

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